Do you think that you’re sleeping too much?

Are you sleeping too much?

We all are becoming night owls and this makes us feel sleepy during the day. This is a change in the lifestyle of every teen and adults too. And the next day we wish to sleep the whole day. But during weekdays we are helpless and think compensating on sleep during weekends can serve our problems, but no! Excess of everything is bad.

And sometimes our sleeping patterns may be because of our lifestyle, but also sometimes it is due to certain medical issues. And for a good sleep, we need to have proper gear including pillows, bedding etc. And for a restful sleep switch to Bamboo Pillows.

Are you sleeping too much?

You might think that you are sleeping too much but it may or may not be true. Everyone has a different sleeping schedule and habits, and it is healthy as long as it is not interrupting your daily life. It is advisable to sleep for around 8 hours at night. Here are the points to know “Are you sleeping too much?”

  • Night owl: If you were awake at night and shutting your eyes in the morning, everyone will think you are sleeping too much, and only you know the reality. The issue may be gadgets, heavy food, or other things that didn’t let you sleep.
  • Sleeping ailments: You might be suffering from hypersomnia. It is a condition in which people suffer from daytime sleepiness and feel tired during the day. Or you might be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This ailment causes people to stop breathing during sleep, and the disturbance in sleep can cause an excessive need for sleep. If you have difficulty breathing at night then switch to BAMBOO pillows, they are breathable so they help in having quality sleep.
  • No work: A lazy jack will either use a phone or sleep. Give a purpose to live and don’t waste a beautiful life merely sleeping.
  • Psychological ailments: Stress, anxiety, depression can’t let you sleep. Several other disorders also don’t allow you to sleep, if this is the case then sleep on bamboo pillows as these are known as stress-busters.

Overall, it may be said

Oversleeping can cause heart diseases, obesity (no physical work), diabetes, headaches. And sleeping for a longer duration during weekends or vacations can aggravate headaches. So, change your lifestyle for the better and switch to Bamboo pillows for restful and relaxing sleeping.