What is a Bamboo Pillow Filled With? Explain with bamboo pillow cover

bamboo pillow cover

Gel Memory Foam Adjustable Best Cervical Pillow & our Bamboo Pillow Cover

Has it been a long time for you to look for different sizes of pillows with different materials in an attempt to find the bamboo pillow cover for yourself? A pillow that fulfills your personal preferences and is comfortable at the same time. If this is your case then it is high time to look at a shredded memory foam pillow. In this pillow, you will get the high option with good ROI.

Solid vs Shredded Memory Foam

The shredded memory foam simply means that the filling is done with shreds or pieces of foam to make it more flexible. Whereas, solid memory foam pillow is just a single block used for filling.
The shredded nature of the foam has benefits like

Adjustable Pillow – Alter Loft and Firmness

The pieces of the memory foam are packed in a zipper with a pillow case so that you can reduce or add foam accordingly to alter the loft and firmness of the best cervical pillow. Yet this is why it is an adjustable pillow.

You can do the adjustment to ensure:

  • The Better alignment: The height and the firmness can be adjusted to be sure that the spine is properly aligned and that the head doesn’t sink.
  • Better support: height and firmness ensure it fits your curves perfectly to provide good support.

Better Ventilation

The memory foam is known to retain the body heat and make it more malleable and mold according to the shape of the head and neck. This causes heating and a normal memory foam orthopedic pillow block cannot regulate the temperature. The block traps the heat and then passes it on to the body, thereby exacerbating the symptoms of night sweats.
Therefore, the shredded foam is essential as it enables the hot air from inside the pillow to escape out. Hence, regulating temperature is the primal choice.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

There are many benefits of the shredded memory foam pillow but there is another variant in the memory foam that is the cooling gel pillow. The cooling gel in the memory foam pillow is a special material that can prevent the heat from retaining onto the pillow. So the pillow manages to provide a cooler experience.
These are ideal for people who face night sweats and live in hot climates.
Cooling gels can be of two types:

  • Heat absorber: this one will absorb the heat produced and keep it from passing to the body.
  • Phase-changing material: the gel here absorbs the heat and even passes some quantity of it back to properly regulate the pillow’s temperature.

Benefits of Best Cervical Pillow

Better Support
Most of us tend to move while we are asleep. A natural reaction to this is that you adjust your best cervical pillow and it may remove the support from your neck.
But the memory foam is useful for it molds to the shape of the neck. It cradles the neck perfectly and removes stress.

Better Alignment
When we talk about the traditional pillow that we have been using for decades then you will notice that some of them are too firm or too soft. That means that either our head sinks in them or just keeps it too high. In either situation, they fail to give good support to our spine. So as a result you just keep on experimenting with new pillows with various sizes and materials.
So shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover is better as you do not only get benefits of the memory foam but added benefits of the shredded foam.


Different from the usual cotton, down, and feather material the memory foam is a dense item. The density it has prevents it from dust permeating on it, and you can just simply vacuum the surface or wipe it with a cloth.
And when there is no dust or moisture the pillow is naturally free from dust mites and molds, both of which cause allergies.


The material being mold able puts a thought in the user’s mind that with time it may become flat. But that does not happen to the memory foam. The memory foam pillow will retain its original shape throughout its lifespan. Yes, it takes the shape of your body but retains the original shape as soon as you get off.