Who should use a cervical pillow?

cervical pillow

Cervical pillows are becoming very popular on the market because they help with posture, neck pain, and arthritis. However, how to use a cervical pillow properly is an important step in order for it to work effectively. This article provides some tips on how to use them correctly.

The neck is a complex joint that has a lot of muscles and ligaments in it, so the pillow will need to be placed in a different place than you would normally sleep on. The pillow should be placed under or behind the neck and between the shoulder blades. You should not place the pillow to the side or behind your head. This position will cause strain on the muscles of your neck and shoulders.

What is a cervical pillow?

Cervical pillow used to support the neck during sleep. They usually shaped like a horseshoe and placed under the head and at the back of the head. They help to maintain a neutral spine and prevent or alleviate pain associated with neck strains and injuries. A professional consulted when any spine or body part in pain, due to internal injuries or bone fractures. At the Lumber ton chiropractor, we only use the best, most effective and safe materials when making these pillows. They are not like the sheep’s wool cervical pillows that you can buy at a drug store. These cervical pillow made using hypoallergenic and washable, pliable materials that will not cause irritation to your skin. No matter how you like to sleep, at the Lumber ton chiropractor we will custom make a pillow for you that will help you sleep better and with less pain. If you have suffered from headaches for a long time.

Benefits of a cervical pillow

There is a wide range of benefits of using a cervical pillow. One that you might not know about is that it can help decrease risk of neck and back pain and cramping. Another benefit is that it helps increase your duration and depth of sleep.

Which type to choose

The most important factor in choosing the right cervical pillow is your individual neck size? You should make sure that the width of the different straps matches with the width of your neck. This will help you to keep your head at a neutral position when sleeping on your bed.

To know more about the orthopedic cervical pillow on the market, read below our short comparison table that highlights the top 10 pillows, according to their quality and price.

What are the pros and cons of a cervical pillow?

The cervical pillow is a good form of support for the neck and spine. Side effects include discomfort or numbness in the arms, chest, or hips. Taking a pregnancy test is pretty easy, but what about when you get the results and there’s no baby to be found? To help you understand the real meaning of the pregnancy test, here are ten things you should know. The support pillow can be a good thing or a bad thing. So if you have a neck pain or a shoulder pain, you need to find a healthy way to try and relieve it. An orthopedic pillow may be needed to help with moderate neck and shoulder pain. I do know that there pillows out there that keep you from falling back, but they can be a little hard to get used to! Below you will find ten things everyone should know about pregnancy test results.

How to use a cervical pillow

Cervical pillows not always needed, but they great for the comfort of you and your baby. You should be able to find a cervical pillow that is suitable for your needs at many different stores. Cervical pillows come in different sizes and shapes for comfort. One of the best types of orthopedic memory foam pillow is a body pillow. These pillows are the most comfortable and provide the best support for your neck. Body pillows are very soft, which is why they are great for extending breastfeeding. These pillows are also great for people who sleep on their sides. The best way to use a body pillow is to place it between your legs and get a good night’s sleep.


There are several different reasons why you might need a Sleepsia cervical pillow. Some people may prefer it because it makes sleeping more comfortable, while others may need it to alleviate pain in their neck. Whatever the reason is, make sure that you do your research before buying one.